Counter-Strike 1.6 - DONATION - F.A.Q

Q) Can I pay for unban?
A) Yes, we accept donations for unban, you can donate here.

Q) Could you remove my VIP/SuperVIP status?
A) If you want to get your VIP or SuperVIP status removed, send an email to:
Example: Please remove VIP/SuperVIP status, in-game nickname: pavelNICKNAME

Q) My country is not listed in SMS Payment donations. Can you add my country?
A) We have listed all available countries from

Q) Can you add ALIPAY payment method?
A) We can't. Most popular payment methods are already added - PayPal, Webmoney, Moneybookers, Bitcoin etc.

Q) How much time does it take to activate my ADMIN/VIP/SuperVIP?

A) ~12hours

Q) I donated by SMS ( but I didn't receive my service!

A) Make sure that you sent all messages from given required table.

Q) I want to buy VIP/SuperVIP/ADMIN privileges. What are the features between VIP/SuperVIP/ADMIN?
A) All of the features and diferences are written here:

Q) Do you accept steam items?
A) Yes

VIP 90days - 2 Keys.
SuperVIP 90days - 3 Keys.
Admin 90Days - 6 Keys.
ZP Ammo 70 000 - 6 Keys.
Trade Offer URL:

Q) I ordered service in your servers and I didn't received it!
A) We always ensure our users gets what they buy. If you bought something and you didn't receive it right away, send an email to: with form written below:
Bank transfer

Last updated - Jan 20, 2018

Counter-Strike 1.6 - In-Game command: /donationfaq