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    Sep 9, 2018 at 11:30 PM
    Dear UGC administrator ... in the demo that i attached you can see admin YeD, i told him and maybe some players request to kick a lager player but instead of doing the suitable action he kicked me , he just kick me for no logical or deserve reasons , and after i backed to server he also gag me ... i don't know why he is doing like that ... everyday i play in ugc servers and he be there always use his permissions to ban people or gag or kick with no rights reasons. On the other hand ... you can say he is hate our clan and always try to kick us or gag us just for stupid reasons like saying "lool" or "easy" or something wrote when a players integrated in the match .... another thing every game that i kill him alot he just gives me banned at the description "show your demo to ugc " he do that twice !!! .. also you can see ban list of my nick name MaD[~PS~] . you can see most of bans there reasons are insulting or troublemaker but you have to know that he always who start to insulting ... you can see in the demo he was insulting in Arabian words (when he start playing he start insulting look in the demo) so this is situation is very hurt me and other players and i hope from ugc to see my issue and try to give a suitable solution to us . screenshot of my ban list https://www42.zippyshare.com/v/AzwqVsnd/file.html .. Regards
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    04-08-2018, 12:22 [​IMG] MAD[~PS~] show demo to ugc please. - permanent - YeD :wut::wut:
    you banned for avoiding ban.
    09-09-2018, 09:15 [​IMG] MaD[~PS~] banned - permanent - Victorious
    Report Declined.
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