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CS Invalid [A Sad Try Hard Na*i] - Ban Appeal

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  1. `Candt

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    Banned Nick Name:
    A Sad Try Hard Na*i
    Demo & Screenshots URL:
    Information from console:
    i guess i'll use my sister account xD, i got banned by this guy from india "Insane ? ViPeR" he's an admin for B hop xD wtf ?? dude B hop doesn't need a script or a hack xD , here i'll teach you how to do also this is the second time he got me banned for the same reason but this time for 3 days, last time for 3 hours, it's easy just set your right mouse button as jump and your mouse role as ducking and keep pressing and rolling them and jig your mouse a bit and that's it xD no hack no script xD, as for my name i was teaching this german guy a lesson, he was using aimbot and not even being friendly with others so i had to teach him a lesson, also i was just trying to entertain my fellow players with some cool b hop moves not it was easy for me to do actually my fingers get numb sometimes for doing it
    please unban :)
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    Need your demo and 3 screenshots.

    A Sad Try Hard Na*i
    Ban type ban by STEAM
    Player IP
    Player SteamID STEAM_0:0:1987996802
    Ban created 07-12-2018, 15:59
    Length 4320 minutes
    Reason bhop script, upload demo+ss
    Server name UGC.LT | Italy Only (24/7) (cs_italy)
    Admin nick Insane ? ViPeR

    Watch this and try again:
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