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  1. Affidavid

    Affidavid New Member

    Aug 6, 2017
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    Aztec only 24/7
    Apr 3, 2018 at 8:00 PM
    Banned 2 players and then gagged me for asking why.
    Valid Proofs:
    Time on demo:
    about 3:00 mins in
  2. Hi ,

    You asked the admin 4 times which is totally spamming and admin has not to answer you for action he made however he answered you in red highlighted and you still continue asking after he answered you that is called a spam to repeat the question 5 times ?

    00:16: *DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) Affidavid : why ban?
    01:00: *DEAD* Affidavid : why ban?
    01:03: *DEAD* R32 : anne1 anna
    01:08: *DEAD* R32 : wont you too
    01:19: Affidavid : dont understadn why u banned?
    01:22: R32 : becouse im admin i have lookt
    01:23: Affidavid : were they hacking?
    01:33: R32 : go away
    01:47: Affidavid : ?
    02:41: *DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) Affidavid : what kind of hacks?

    Report declined Admin gaged you 10 min he was right not abuse next time do not spam admins for actions they made on server since they are managing the server to see who hack who not so please do not interfere in their job , However if you see admin abuse for banning free players report to us and we will manage it , do not try to start a conversation will lead to sooner fight.

    Regarding banning 2 players check this he banned 720 to read ban time

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Thread Status:
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