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    Jun 5, 2018 at 11:30 PM
    Admin insulting others players, thinking he is a "god" since he has admin. I told him to show respect to other like an admin should do it. continue to lame again some players, i gagged him just some minute and i send him personnal messages. he came back to gag me 12hours. And you know how it end, i am banned by him. I am not here to fight kid like him, playing and paying ugc for years, i dont really care about that guy, just he really needs to understand what admin is supposed to do. Thanks for help. Demo wont help, i was gagged since begin of map, he just came at middle and banned me. Ask me in PM, to check the logs maybe.
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  2. hOBO

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    Aug 22, 2014
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    OK, so at the beginning of demo, you were gagged by venom I presume. So the first thing we see is you banning him. Then I presume he came back and banned you. Now you've been an admin for a long time but I have no idea what kind of reason this is "Dont use ur admin on me. My bad if i ban." .

    So you should have reported here being gagged by someone else. You have both now escalated this to the level stupid, all we can do is increase your ban times or remove your admins if you do this over and over.

    Report is denied; unless you want to report yourself for banning and gagging admin. If you have proof of an admin insulting players or anyone please show that.

    Banning or solving problems by yourself is strictly prohibited!
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