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TF2 CSGO Ban/Punishments guidelines

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    Admin ban/Punishments guidelines:

    Admins will follow these guidelines at ALL times, that being said moderators and above have the right to ban outside these guidelines within their own discretion if the situation needs so.

    These guidelines are for ALL community servers:

    Guidelines goes as FOLLOWED:


    • Scripts/mods - Permanent
    • Cheating/hacking - Permanent
    • Spaming/flooding - warning/30min/24h OR mute/silence/gag 30/1h/24h
    • Mic spam - mute/silence
    • Ignoring admins - 1h/24h
    • No NSFW spray - 24h/30d/perma
    • Verbal abuse/toxicity - 30m/1h/24h/permanent OR mute/silence/gag 30m/1h/24h
    • Bug/ Map Bug - warning/kill/24h (with multiple offenses perma ban will be issued)
    • Abuse of !calladmin system - Warning/sm_warn (multiple offenses will be followed with a perma ban)
    • Swearing/racism - warning/1h/24h/permanent OR mute/silence/gag 30m/1h/24h
    • Advertising (includes advertising in Nick) - 24h
    • Admin impersonation - warning/24h
    • Ping related issues - 5m - 24h max
    • Item/trade scamming - permanent
    • Innapropiate nickname - 5-60 min
    • Laming/Troublemaker/camp - 30-60 min
    • VIP Abuse, 1st,2nd and 3rd offence - 200/600/1440 min
    If a player reports someone for scamming they must provide proof of the user scamming/attempting to scam them

    Kicks and slaps can be issued at admins discretion at any time under the proper pretense


    Administrator's actions are final and not subject to appeal.

    We reserve the right to remove admin rights for breaking rules or abuse of admin powers, without the chance of refund or unban
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