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Guide CS 1.6 Call Admin - Report System

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    With this NEW UPDATE we will allow you to report the player directly from CS 1.6, the report will be received by Discord, that is why it is necessary that you have installed Discord on your pc.

    If you do not have it, you can download it here and join the UGC channel (Download)

    How to use the reporting system:

    1- In the game, write Calladmin.
    Say button: calladmin

    2- It will show you all the players of the server, select the player you want to report.

    3- Select the reason why you want to report to the player, remember that your sincerity will be the key for the report to be taken.

    4- Wait for a CS Admin / CS Administrator to take the report immediately.

    How does this system work?

    When a player makes the report with the previous steps, a notification will go directly to the CS admins channel of the UGC community, so the managers in that room will be able to see the report and automatically go to the server.


    If your report was sent successfully, it will be displayed in this way in the channel of CS admins / CS administrator to be attended.

    Rules for using the reporting system.

    Rules for players:
    • calladmin report, after 240 sec, you can report again.
    • Spam/fake calladmin report will result in = 7 days ban.
    • Any sort of revenge calladmin reports will also result in = 7 days ban.
    • If a player has already been reported once, it is not necessary to report it again.
    • A registered nickname is required in order to report.

    Rules for CS Admin / CS Administrator:
    • any cs admin can attend the report.
    • It is necessary to observe before taking any action.
    • The reporting system is made to be taken care of immediately, soon take a report.
    • If you are not sure you want to ban the player, ask for help.
    • Discord is required

    This system should be used with great responsibility, please read the rules carefully, and remember that you are looking to harm a user without being sure that he is using something or if you do not have enough evidence, you will be punished by creating a fake report.

    Greetings and a good game wishes the UGC community.
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