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TF2 CSGO Dj's Rules/Guidelines

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    DJ Rules
    These Rules are All to Be Followed and If They are Not to be Followed The Player will Be Muted Permanently,
    and or Punished Accordingly
    • Djs playing the music must first ask the general population and admins (if present) if they can play music.
    • DJ be courteous to those asking to decrease the volume and or shut the music off in general
    • Djs may request music with a bind ( DO NOT SPAM THIS BIND OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR SPAMMING)
    • Please refrain from playing over DJ's that are currently playing. When possible, also try and keep content fresh and non-overplayed
    • IF multiple DJs are on the server (Maximum 2 songs or 10 minutes per DJ per turn, whichever comes first)
    • Music ONLY. (That means no voice lines, quick 1 second spams, or otherwise)
    NO EAR RAPE (AKA. loud music loud sounds or random noises)
    - Please note if you are the only one with a problem with the DJ you could simply mute him/her client side. ( Approaching the DJ by yourself instead of automatically creating an !admin report can help save valuable admins time )
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