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Free demo weekend - BioWare - Anthem

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    Anthem is around the corner with its release february 22, 2019.

    To give people a taste beforehand on making the final conclusion into buying it, they will host a free demo weekend for Anthem, the content is limited and as honest as i am, the demo looks more like a beta/stress test as i have already played the vip demo last weekend.

    Its a very cool game and in various groups on socialmedia it is branded the Iron man game we all wanted, pilot of your very own exosuit that you can customize beyond ur imagination! The game will offer MTX’s as purely cosmetic, meaning it will not be Pay2Win.

    Take a look at this video and if you are a Playstation 4 player, hit me up in pm for my ID, so we can blow some aliens to wherever they came from.

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    Love the game but it will take more than weekend to download the game :P and i am on PC :( BTW do u play kingdom hearts 3? if yes please stream it its ps4 exclusive and not many gameplay available :( huge kingdom hearts fan from ps2

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