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Guide READ ME CS How To Buy Vip/S.Vip/Admin Privileges Via Paypal

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    Hello Every Body, there is many people asked me about how to buy vip/admin via paypal. :Good2:
    it's simple with only 8 steps. :Gq:
    1st step:

    Visit http://reg.ugc.lt/ - Here you can find what are the privileges of the three positions Vip/Svip/Admin.
    chose one is the best for you to buy.

    2nd Step:
    Make sure that your nick name in game is registered.
    for Example: Victorious - nick is registered.
    Then Type your nick name that you want to make it a vip/admin in UGC Servers.

    3rd Step:
    type Your Country which is where do you live.

    4th Step:
    Chose purchase via Paypal (Start The Payment).

    5th Step:
    Here give you the 4 choices which is nick register/vip/Svip/Admin, and you choose the best for you.

    6th Step:
    The Prices for the privileges.
    Admin Prices.
    admin prices.png
    S.VIP Prices.
    S.vip prices.png
    VIP Prices.
    vip prices.png

    7th Step:

    type your nick's password in game (Setinfo _pw) in the little box, then press Donate.
    type password nick.png

    8th Step and the last Step:
    login your paypal account and pay, or you can just pay with credit card or visa.

    I Hope This is going to help you guys ! :pepe_ok:
    NOTE: For the Staff Members Feel Free to Edit or add Anything On this Thread.
    :ThankYou: UGC TEAM - #Victorious :Cool:
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