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Tutorial Guide How To Set LASERMINE

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    Hi, guys Many people join the zombie server and start asking about how to put Lasermine You can just type /lasermine in the server
    or read it :Shake2:

    1.Open your console press ( ` ) in keyboard


    4.write "bind key +buy_lasermine" for example "bind F2 +buy_lasermine" To buy lasermine

    3.write "bind key +setlaser" for example "bind v +setlaser" To set lasermine


    4.write "bind key +dellaser" for example "bind c +dellaser" To remove lasermine


    5.Join to server and press "F2" to buy Lasermine and "V" to set lasermine and "C" to delete Lasermine
    and enjoy ^^:ThankYou:
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