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Guide CS Nickname Identification

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    Registered nick must be identified (enter password wich you chose when registering in: UGC RegNick System
    Otherwise you will not be able to play in our servers because identification is required!

    You have no entry to the server...
    Nick is already registered, you'll need to identify - setinfo _pw password"

    What does that mean? Means your nick is not identified.

    Video Tutorial - How to Identify nickname - https://goo.gl/AQXkQe

    or please see guide step by step

    STEP 1
    Open your in-game console
    This key ( ` ) which is in your keyboard.


    STEP 2
    Write your registered nickname. Example: Name vladas > press Submit

    STEP 3
    Write your password which you chose while registering in http://ugc-gaming.net/donate/cs/
    Example: setinfo _pw password

    If it did not help,and you got same message.

    Please make sure, your enter correct password.

    you can get a reminder password here: Reminder or please contact [email protected]

    And please reset, config file and in-game preferences, and try step by step again.
    To fully reset your in-game options, go to your /cstrike directory and delete config.cfg.
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