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READ ME Reputation thread rules

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    Reputation thread rules You MUST read before posting!
    1. +Rep shouldn't be given for nothing, for being a friend or a nice person and so on;
    2. +Rep should be given for respectable things, example: transactions, middleman service, paypal etc.;
    3. Always have proof! If you have no proof and boasting about your 'previous' reputation, by failing to provide us proof, we are permanently banning you from our forums and servers;
    4. No fake reputation is ALLOWED! In case that happens - we are deleting your thread and permanently banning from our forums, servers and STEAMrep;
    5. Players who has banned by tag on STEAMrep are not allowed to make any reputation threads, it will be deleted;
    * We encourage reporting scammers, that includes FAKE REPUTATION. You can report the player here: ...
    Reputation thread MUST contain STEAMrep text block example form, written below:
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