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CS Report Declined Say - Reporting Admin - Jak

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    Jul 9, 2018
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    Sep 9, 2018 at 11:00 PM
    Hi guys, if i remember well, Jak once posted to be cs administrator in ugc, all the admins replied and denied his appeal. Now i understand why.. i was in the game and i saw some players was kindda fighting then, Jak banned a player for his name 30min, i just told him that it was rude as the other player said and he banned the other one for giving his opinion for 30min. After giving my opinion, i get threatened by him to get banned and with disrespect. OK guys i agree he got a bit of privileges on us (players) but this guy should be watched from near this isn't fair at all.
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    You came to make report, or to talk abaut hes past aplications for cs admin ? yes he banned player for insulting nick - rules are rules, its for admin to decide, if to ban such players for 5 or 30 min - and you guys started to make fuss abaut it, talking abaut hes denied cs admin aplication from past ... provoking ... yeh he feels bad that he sayd to shut up for you ... Jak explained for "Apse - Dies Iae" what to do if he thinks that he abused hes admin right, but he choose to make more fuss abaut that ban ....
    In The End Report Declined
    Have A Nice Day :Popcorn:
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