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TF2 Team Fortress 2 - VIP Guidelines

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    Congrats, you just bought VIP for our UGC servers, Just note the following for VIPs
    • Do NOT use your VIP powers to make the game harder for everyone else.
    • Do NOT use it to give yourself an unfair advantage over others.
    • Being a VIP means that you are a VIP, it is not a VIPs place to enforce rules that an admin would normally do. We have /calladmin for a reason
    • Abusing can get you stripped of VIP, or worse, be permanently banned!
    • Donations are non-refundable. Make sure to follow our rules so you won't risk losing VIP.
    • Being a VIP DOES NOT excuse you for breaking rules

    -How to get VIP? Donate Paypal or 2 Keys through this link: https://ugc-gaming.net/donate/main/
    -How do I join via my Reserved Slot? Follow these steps: https://ugc-gaming.net/donate/main/tf2-slot-instruction.php
    -Where can I find a list of the TF2 servers? They can be found through here: https://ugc-gaming.net/stats/tf/hlstats.php
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