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    Due to recent scam reports, please read this carefully, especially if you have any kind of privilege in the UGC servers.

    If anyone from UGC asks you to join in his server, please do NOT do that.
    We recommend not to join in any non-UGC server which is not well known in the CS community. If you really have to, please change your "setinfo _pw" so you don't have the password you normally use for your UGC privileges.
    If you think you've been hacked or your password was stolen, you can change your password through this LINK. If your account is used in order to contribute to any kind of scam, your privileges will be removed regardless if it was you or if you were hacked. (unless you report before).
    If anyone asks you to join a non-UGC server, please report it to the staff here at forum and help the community.

    Thanks for your attention and be careful!
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