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    May 17, 2018 at 10:00 PM
    Now as far as i know admins can not ban admins unless they're either cheating or banned many people at once that indicates the account was stolen. This however is not either, i was banned for 1 hour by apparently someone from the staff called "hoBo" reason: "Read rules dont insult staff". I've bought admin cuz i was sick of the cheaters and lamers i had to deal with and i intended to keep on donating but am i going to donate to watch abuses and people breaking their own rules? Even then where is the "staff insult" that i did? Sadly the demo of mine was lost cuz my game crashed once i got banned but luckily i had one from another player which is the same and contains my ban, i'll be eagerly waiting for someone to take actions on this.
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  2. hOBO

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    Aug 22, 2014
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    ok so technically you did not insult a staff member since I was not using my name but please, read the rules

    Bomb Scenario:
    • Camping is allowed for both sides, Terrorists camping with C4 will be kicked/slayed!!!
    • Players should do their respective objective, if not they will be kicked/slayed !!!

    Now if people hide/camp in spawn of course you can kick them but slapping someone and for so long for being on the ladder is un-called for. And I was nothing but respectful to you in pointing this out. You are very rude. Anyway calling anyone a dumbass just for that is not the right thing for an admin. Don;t do it again
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