[CONTEST] | Deagle Headshot master!
Only for maps:​

Start - Now
Ends: November 30.

To win you need to make a most Headshots with deagle

Prizes for each map:
1) S. VIP - 1 month
2) Vip - 1 month

1 st place...
Be all welcome to try the new Mod PUG of the UGC community, in CS 1.6.
Server :

Invite your friends to enjoy

Server Manager: @kOP
Server Location: Miami
In general, a high percentage of Administrators bans in the fastest way:

"amxmodmenu / ban" (open Spoiler!)

READ ME Announcement Forum Accounts - Important.
For your Information!
Forum allowed to have ONLY 1 Username account per person.
Our system catching multi accounts and informing us.. after all - multi accounts are Removing, only 1 stays.

Thanks for understanding,
UGC Team.
[CONTEST] | Rampage +
Starts: August 1st --Ends: October 30th.

1) To participate in the competition you need to make a series of 6 or more kills in a row. (Rampage and over)
2) Post in this thread your demo with the timestamp of the round where the rampage+ occurs.
3) Staff members will analyze and sort the best series and make a video.
4) The winner will be chosen by a group of moderators in a closed topic.

1) Admin - 3 month
2) S.vip - 2 month
3) vip - 1 month
With a large number of participants, the prize pool can be increased.

example of how the post should be:

All the messages in this thread that are different from my example will be considered SPAM and the demo will be disregarded!


  1. One player can receive only one prize.
  2. Cheats - automatic disqualification from the competition
  3. Multi accounts, or other fraud attempts = automatic disqualification + ban on forum.
  4. UGC reserve the right to change or modify the rules of the contest.
  5. Prizes can not be transferred to other players.
  6. For any other questions you can contact me PM. (@Zugzwang, @Daniel G )

Website will be offline between 21:00 and 2:00 GMT (UK Time)

Donate system
Nick registration

sorry for any inconvenience.

cs.ugc.lt:27016 - UGC.LT | Public #1 UK Competitive
train.ugc.lt:27017 - UGC.LT | Train Only (24/7)

two always empty servers will be disabled 2018-11 or 2018-12.
please do not donate for VIP/admin at this servers anymore.

don't worry! I'll make 2 more fun servers, with different game mods, probably at United States location.

:peace2::Flag Of Truce:

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