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For your Information!
Forum allowed to have ONLY 1 Username account per person.
Our system catching multi accounts and informing us.. after all - multi accounts are Removing, only 1 stays.

Thanks for understanding,
UGC Team.
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Not many events for our skilled knife players. 1 year ago there was Knife tournament, time for another great one.:banana_on_pc:



- Winning team(1st place) > 1 Month SVIP for each player!
- 2nd place (2nd place) > 1 Month VIP for each player!


- No backstabbing.
- Fairplay.
- In-game rules apply.
- No 2v1/3v2 etc..
- Only 1v1.
- No scripts/cheats of any kind, play fair! = Banned on spot. Staff will be spectating.

If any of these rules are to be broken > Direct disqualification(KICK) will be lead to the player and a new one will play.
If you do not show up after you have signed up without notifying me good time before the tournament you will be blacklisted for future events/tours

12 players divided into 4 teams.
Team1 VS Team2 VS Team3 VS Team4 etc..
Lose 1 match = Disqualified - Win 1match > Play against other winner team.
Teams will be chosen fairly and not by players.
CSGO PANORAMA Update - With this update, it's cutting out the MOTD! Which means, no more advertising for community.
[CONTEST] | Rampage +
Starts: August 1st --Ends: October 30th.

1) To participate in the competition you need to make a series of 6 or more kills in a row. (Rampage and over)
2) Post in this thread your demo with the timestamp of the round where the rampage+ occurs.
3) Staff members will analyze and sort the best series and make a video.
4) The winner will be chosen by a group of moderators in a closed topic.

1) Admin - 3 month
2) - 2 month
3) vip - 1 month
With a large number of participants, the prize pool can be increased.

example of how the post should be:

All the messages in this thread that are different from my example will be considered SPAM and the demo will be disregarded!


  1. One player can receive only one prize.
  2. Cheats - automatic disqualification from the competition
  3. Multi accounts, or other fraud attempts = automatic disqualification + ban on forum.
  4. UGC reserve the right to change or modify the rules of the contest.
  5. Prizes can not be transferred to other players.
  6. For any other questions you can contact me PM. (@Zugzwang, @Daniel G )
Nickreg system will be off for 2-6 hours.

AMMO/XP ADMIN VIP SUPER VIP NICK Services will not work.
The problem with "bad channel" error still not fixed.
I am still working on this.

Edit: Issues with Server Connection Fixed.
Added +7 Days Privilegies for VIP/Admins.

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