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UGC staff will start to stream more on UGC twitch channel to entertain and socialize with current members.
New point system called UGCASH will give out 2UGCash every 7minute watched of stream, chests will pop up on stream where first one to click gets x amount UGCash
and much more fun beside the stream!

With this UGCash you buy different prizes or use it on much other fun things.
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Start: Now
End: July 31st

UGC.LT | Train Only (24/7)
UGC.LT | Nuke Only (24/7)
UGC.LT | Westwood ONLY (24/7)

  1. Have registered nickname! ( Dont have, here free reg : Press Me )
  2. Only for protocol 48 (Protocol 48)
  1. Admin 2 month
  2. Admin 2 month
  3. Admin 1 month
  4. S.Vip 2 Month
  5. S.Vip 2 Month
  6. S.Vip 1 Month
  7. Vip 2 Month
  8. Vip 2 Month
  9. Vip 1 Month
  1. One player can receive only one prize.
  2. Cheats - automatic disqualification from the competition
  3. Multi accounts, or other fraud attempts = automatic disqualification + ban on forum.
  4. UGC reserve the right to change or modify the rules of the contest.
  5. For any other questions you can contact me PM. (@Zugzwang )

Counter Strike: Global Offence Public server!
Server IP:

Help to improve gaming quality!
Server settings is default at the moment, if any suggestions/problems please use links below:

Don't forget - Add to Favorites!
The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale is here! For the next fourteen days, take advantage of huge savings throughout our store on over ten thousand games. You can also help unlock free games by playing our Summer Saliens Game.

Today's Featured Deals include:

Counter-Strike 90% off
Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive 50% off
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds 33% off
Fallout Franchise up to 50% off
Dead Cells 40% off
Grim Dawn 70% off
Everspace 67% off
Tyranny 66% off
Nino Kuni II 40% off
Dark and Light 50% off
and many more

Along with the sale is the Summer Saliens Game. Team up with other Saliens to fight The Duldrumz on different planets and free the abducted games. Gain XP as you battle, level up, unlock new abilities, and win cosmetic items to deck out your Salien. Plus, get Summer Sale Trading Cards just for playing.

Choose to battle on a planet that piques your interest and you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win one of its rewards when it's conquered. The longer your Salien spends on a planet the higher your chances of winning! The groups with the most tiles when a planet is taken will get to plant their flag as conquerors, undoubtedly gaining Saliverse-wide fame in the process.

The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale will run from now until 10 AM Pacific, July 5th. Complete information can be found HERE.

Rules of participation:
1) Only for non VIP`s (Any member of the forum can answer the question, but if he has VIP privileges, the prize will goto the first non-VIP)
2) The winner, the first one who correctly answered the question
3) Your nickname must be registered Nick Registration

Prizes :
For each correct answer, the player will receives a 7 days of VIP.



    • UGC reserve the right to change or modify the rules of the contest.
    • For any other questions you can contact me to PM. (@Zugzwang)
    • All messages that do not meet the requirements will be deleted.
    • It is allowed to use any means of obtaining the correct answer, the one who answers first will win!
    • Questions can be at any time and with any frequency, be always ready! Accordingly, the competition is...
The terms of participation:
  1. All posted video-clips must be your own creation and made on UGC servers.
  2. All the uploaded video-clips must include a description like: "UGC | Server name | Nickname" (for example: UGC | Dust2x2 Only (24/7) | Kurdii ).
  3. Minimum video-clip playtime 2:00min.
  4. Only for CS:GO
  5. All the video-clips will be uploaded on UGC Official YouTube Channel
  6. All the video-clips must be uploaded using (preferred) or any other websites and post the link in the thread (on comment section with the above described requirements).
  7. The winner will be chosen according to the formula (Number of views on YouTube : the number of likes)For example:
Prizes :
1 ) 6 months VIP + 15$ steam wallet
2) 3 months VIP + 5$ steam wallet
3) 1 month VIP
  • UGC reserve the right to change or modify the rules of the contest.
  • Each participant can upload a maximum of 5 videos. But only 1 video will take part in the contest, with the lowest coefficient (views/likes).
  • For any other questions you can contact me. (@Zugzwang @Kurdii )
  • By uploading content to or submitting any materials for use on UGC website you authorise UGC to use your content (Copyright) for commercial and non-commercial use.
  • All messages that do not meet the requirements will...
UPDATE - UGC Champions League II - UPDATE
8 teams will compete to show WHO IS THE BEST!!

2. Clan Leader.
3. 7-8 Player List.
4. Clan Logo (not required)

:Desismileys 0484: RULES:
1. Cheats or other cs modifications = Disqualified/Banned! (Client must be Default).
2. Teams must have between 6-8 players.
3. Reconnecting in the game on purpose - NOT Allowed! (Team will be disqualified).
4. Steamed players ONLY!
5. Nicks must be registered! FREE NICK REGISTRATION!!
6. Every player has to save his/her demo.
7. Reviews (cheat accusations) must be formally requested. If there is no demo from the accused player, Team will be disqualified.

:Clapping:PRIZE LIST:
1st place
= Admin privileges for 4Months.
2st place = SVIP privileges for 4Months.
3st place = SVIP privileges for 3Months.
*5 VIPS drawn between remaining participants.

*Winners can't change nick until admin expired.
*Players must have played at least 1 match to receive prize.

:E025: MAPS:
1. Inferno.
2. Dust 2.
3. Train (if needed).

**Extra Considerations:
- Tournament is open to everyone.
- If teams are from same region, both play in their Server's region (America or Europe).
- If teams are from different region, 1 map match on each server. Tie breaker will be a "Captains 1 vs 1" match and if tie persist, killing points difference*
- Tournament hours will depend on...

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