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CS Report Declined UGC Italy Admins/VIPs

  1. k1LLa

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    Apr 30, 2018
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    No offense but this might be a little harsh, I only play in UGC italy for fun not to see innocent players get gagged and banned for no fucking reason. That way you lose players half of the times and server dies.
    You have bunch of non steam admins/vips in italy where they gag anyone for asking a question, even if it's multiple times some people forget so asking them once and nicely won't hurt? But no we have bunch of retarded kids on the server with admin privilege doing whatever they like! I'm not going to sit here and take proofs, use hlds chat to check the logs or whatever I know it can be done since I personally used to own a community back in 2012. Also one suggestion stop giving VIP players the admin privilege like gag commands, ban etc.. they abuse it and pretend they own the whole damn server!! This is frustrating because they being a ***** to everyone and doing whatever they like. The other day too I got banned for recoil and script apparently lol, but the admin who banned me only spectated me for like 50 seconds haha! So you see where I'm coming from???

    Like I said this might be harsh but I don't care when innocent players get punished for shit they didn't know it's actually pathetic, start sorting your admins/vips!!
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  2. Flames

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    Feb 19, 2018
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    • Ban/Kick HLTV
    • Abusing admin rights - Ban / Slay / Slap / Gag / Kick without reason

    you need to follow the rules and report them with demo, if u think admin is misusing his power/abusing.
    no proof = no action will be taken.
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